Day 14. To the next step

Ok well yesterday was my last session of these initial 3 weeks. Just a couple of people in with me again today, one who had lost use of his legs and the other also had pretty bad mobility/balance issues. Got quite dizzy again at the end so that helps me rule out going for 33ft as my preferred method going forward. The only day that I felt some kind of difference was after a 24ft session but I didn’t feel physically better. I think it makes sense to go once a week for a while at 24 to see if I replicate that feeling or even move to feeling some kind of physical benefit.

Anyone thinking of trying this out, be aware it is one hell of a commitment for these first 3 weeks. Tried to make sure I didn’t lose any hours working but for some people I can’t imagine that’s easy. Everyone at the ms Lothian centre is really nice and welcoming and are very open to discussing how the illness affects them and the benefits they feel from using oxygen therapy, some who have been doing it for 20 years!

So I move to the next step of this experiment and will be reading over what I have noted down for last 3 weeks. Hopefully I can see a pattern emerge bit I will be continuing to add to it after each session. I’ve always known there are others out there much worse than I am but still this constant feeling of your body just falling away from you just adds to the mental and physical tiredness! Hopefully if i can make it work for me it can work for others. Don’t let the demons drag you down!


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I was diagnosed with Relapsing/Remitting MS in 2004 when I was 20. I originally started this page document my progress using Oxygen Therapy but now the new PIP has started to replace DLA and I, like so many others, have been told i am no longer eligible to receive a Motability Car and so I am fighting against the DWP to explain exactly why they are wrong.

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