I’m sure you saw this coming!

Well I’ve been pretty quiet for a while now but thought I would post as I have made a decision.

I’m sure that there are people out there who feel the benefits of oxygen and are as passionate about it as those I have met at the lothian MS centre, but it has become abundately clear that I am not one of those lucky few.

I’m not sure if I feel better now that I have stopped attending it but those around me say I am looking and sounding better. Maybe its a delayed reaction to the treatment or maybe its just the way I have covered the worst of this thing for the past 10 years, 10 years this month! Happy anniversary! Its been a long road!

I’ve agreed to leave it for 6 months now but then talk about going back if things are in a decline.

I do feel I can say I gave this a damn good shot. Maybe I could have given it longer or gone more often during the week, maybe it was the pessimist in me that brought the whole thing down. If anyone knows answers on a postcard please.

Thanks to those who have given me messages of support and taken the time to read my posts. We shall see what happens next. Maybe I’ll be back in 6 months time for take 2 or maybe I’ll just wander to here whenever I’m having a bad day. As one of my favourite characters on TV once said, “If I’m going down I’m taking everybody with me!”


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I was diagnosed with Relapsing/Remitting MS in 2004 when I was 20. I originally started this page document my progress using Oxygen Therapy but now the new PIP has started to replace DLA and I, like so many others, have been told i am no longer eligible to receive a Motability Car and so I am fighting against the DWP to explain exactly why they are wrong.

One thought on “I’m sure you saw this coming!”

  1. My aunt had some oxygen therapy, but not for long, as I don’t think it was for. My brother. Hasn’t had anything, he gets the odd aroma therapy sessions, which he feels vigourates him, he has had his MS over 20yrs, he is having a bad time at the moment, I know he has stress in his hid life at the moment, but he still gets out n about (thank gawd for his chair) but I am glad your sounding good at the moment, and hope it lasts.


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