A downer turns to an upper

Had to take a week off from this cos my mood plummeted way down after hospital appointment last Tuesday!

Neuropathic pain has been a problem for nearly 13 years but when medication stopped working 5 years ago it became all-consuming. So been switching between medicines over the years to find something that works, and at my last appointment I just crumbled and broke down in tears in the doctors office! The refusal of the motability part of PIP, my car going back to dealership, the loss of my job and the 4 walls of my home becoming my prison cell completely hacked away at the wall between my emotions and my MS.

So kinda lost focus in the last week, but with my beautiful nieces staying at mine now for a few days, I’m definitely keeping the despair away. Their laughter just brings a smile to my face and is just the medicine I needed! It’s hard not to smile when they’re playing “cats” with their auntie and I hear the sounds of Meowing. Total nutters but wouldn’t change a thing about them!


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I was diagnosed with Relapsing/Remitting MS in 2004 when I was 20. I originally started this page document my progress using Oxygen Therapy but now the new PIP has started to replace DLA and I, like so many others, have been told i am no longer eligible to receive a Motability Car and so I am fighting against the DWP to explain exactly why they are wrong.

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