Well it feels like it’s been a lifetime but “Judgement Day” is only a few hours away!

Taxi is booked and suit looked out. Well ok not so much looked out as it is that I’m assuming it’s in the last place I left it in and doesn’t need washed!

This could be the end of the journey(or at least the end of the battle but not the war!) or it could be the beginning of an encore. I cannot even guess how this will go but keep your fingers crossed for me please and I’ll update you all as soon as.


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I was diagnosed with Relapsing/Remitting MS in 2004 when I was 20. I originally started this page document my progress using Oxygen Therapy but now the new PIP has started to replace DLA and I, like so many others, have been told i am no longer eligible to receive a Motability Car and so I am fighting against the DWP to explain exactly why they are wrong.

2 thoughts on “D-Day?”

    1. Thanks Rebecca! I’ve always said since day 1 that if I get my car back then it’s still not over! Done a lot of reading past few months and the stories of disabled people being thrown into solitary confinement is shocking


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