Moving Forwards

Picked out my new car. I reckoned the quicker I did this the quicker I would get back to work. 
There was a stumbling block though. Kinda fits in with all the other roadblocks. Never heard this one before though. Apparently if you are no longer a motability user, you may have to wait 6 months! What the hell??? Even though the only reason I no longer am is cos of the DWPs cockup??!
Waiting to hear back tomorrow once the salesman has called them as my details were flagged on the system. Maybe they’re pissed off at me cos I kept going to the press and slagging them off. 😂😂
If it all goes through though I could be back on the roads within weeks rather than months. Hello Mcdonalds, you have been missed!
The horror stories keep coming in though like the tides of the seas. Only thing is they are the sharks! There’s always the hope that bigger Jaws shows up though!
So I will keep watching, keeping an eye on the stories that are told. And I’ll keep waiting in the knowledge I am going to get out of these 4 walls. Considered knocking them down to put them back up. It would give me something to do. Glad I didn’t though! Very unlikely I would’ve put them back up. Ok there’s no chance at all that I would/could put them back up. Still it’s the thought that counts!


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I was diagnosed with Relapsing/Remitting MS in 2004 when I was 20. I originally started this page document my progress using Oxygen Therapy but now the new PIP has started to replace DLA and I, like so many others, have been told i am no longer eligible to receive a Motability Car and so I am fighting against the DWP to explain exactly why they are wrong.

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