The proof is in the pudding!

Exciting week with my latest chat to the press about how important the motability  scheme is to people like me. Nice wee section on reporting Scotland and BBC Radio Scotland so good they are still interested and hopefully Holyrood was paying attention with the welfare powers moving north soon.

Had a good strong start to the year getting a good amount of time in the office, but this week things outwith my control pop up. I get a bloody cold

Can’t fully express what this does to my body! My legs go where they please, they give way under the weight of my body (thank god I’m not bigger!) and my arms don’t want to lift a pen never mind anything heavier. Whole body just feels so tired like I’ve spent a week hiking through the jungle or something. 

So work has kinda been cut this week it takes so long to wake my body up enough to deal with the day. And this is where having my car back is just a blessing! I’d have no way of getting to work on my own in the middle of the day but having the car means my day isn’t just wasted. It also mean I can cope with getting less money and not worrying about someone coming to pick the car up. I went to work yesterday for 11 and today I got in for 1. I lose hours but it means I can do my bit, pay my rent and pay my taxes. All the things Society got billed for when my independence was taken away from me!

So my weekend will be spent barely moving to try and shift this damn cold. It’s the little things that’ll knock you down. Hopefully next week runs smoother and I can make up some of the missed hours.


Who’s running the country???

Is anyone else thinking we’ve all been left in the wilderness?

I’ve seen two stories today about the chaos PIP continues to cause. This is probably a quieter PIP story day than usual. So why is it that everyone can see it’s a broken system apart from the people that we, presumably because we thought they were smart enough to make decisions, put in charge??! The lunatics are running the asylum! I know when I lost my car it felt like they’d cut my legs off. I wasn’t disabled enough for them so they made me feel more disabled?!

Something needs to change. Someone’s gotta be blamed! 

But the same stories continue to be told and those who are supposed to have our best interests in mind seem to be MIA. I’d say at least we can vote them out but if we did who would we replace them with?? I fear this will remain the status quo until someone steps up and inspires change!

But don’t get downhearted! Change is an inevitability. People power can change the world, we just have to wait for enough people to get angry!

The year could be a long rant!

I tend not to post daily as I would probably annoy anyone that was to read it. My memory is struggling these days so it’s hard to remember what particularly annoyed me yesterday so I might start noting it down.

I’ve been called pessimistic most of my adult life. I disagree. The people who call me that are far too optimistic. I say I’m a realist. I know what I have, I know what it may do and I know what may happen to my daily life. Surely it’s better accepting what could happen and if it doesn’t be pleasantly surprised as opposed to ignoring what could come your way and being crushed if it does?

It gives me a different outlook on life and I think it makes me judge what happens in the world very differently to the “optimistic” people.

From the price of chocolate to the shortage of veg. From Trump to May. From Global warming to the movements of the planets through the solar system.

I’ve got a lot of problems with this year. Writing these thoughts here must be way to cheaper than paying a shrink!

1/12 done!

Well January is just about over and done with! Mad that 1/12 of the year is over. When did the planet speed up its orbit round the sun(?) I’m off to a good start though. Getting into work a lot more thanks to my wheels. Not sure if that’s a good thing for the company or bad😂     My legs pay the price for it though cos they’re just not up for all this moving about. I finally realised I gotta use them or lose them!

Best thing about being at work? Is it that I’m not stuck indoors all day bored? No! Is it knowledge of a job well done? No!      Is it feeling like I’m contributing to society? No!

It’s no longer having to deal with the damn incompetent office that is the          D W P! Seriously, if that department is who we turn to when we need help then we’re all screwed! Amazed I don’t need to send off DNA samples before they’ll take my call….oh damn that’s gonna be the “governments” next great idea isn’t it(!)

I hope the first 1/12th of the year has gone well for you and has set up the next 11/12ths nicely. I’d just like it all to slow down a bit though. Just gotta keep marching onwards. 

People are still listening and still hoping for change!

Been a busy start to the year so I’ve been totally shattered which is why I’ve gone quiet lately. My story and the chaos PIP caused me is still popping up which resulted in BBC Scotland contacting the MS Society to get my details and arranging to come out to speak to me today.

They are focusing on the “welfare” powers moving to Holyrood this year and wanted a bit of background on what had happened to me, the effect having the car taken away from me had for those months leading up to the appeal and the difference having the car back has made. They also wanted to know what I hoped Holyrood would do different.

Was only a 10 minute chat but think I can only remember about half of what I said 😂 I’ve had the conversation about what I think is wrong with PIP constantly going round my head since I got the dreaded brown envelope (I have good chats with myself) so I’m fairly certain I didn’t ramble too much and positive I successfully avoided the urge to swear when talking about the DWP!

They interviewed some other people so they’ll be putting it all together over the next 2-3 weeks so I’ll let you know when it’s scheduled to be shown or be on the radio. I’ll be interested to see the similarities and differences in other people’s experiences of PIP.

I can only hope my words will be helpful to those still going through it and help others realise just what the DWP are doing to the most vulnerable in this country. I had said to them that I felt I was being punished by them for having MS. As if actually having something like MS wasn’t bad enough. No one should ever have to feel like that! 

Please, please, please Holyrood, learn from Westminsters mistakes and make sure we never feel that way here again.

DWP: Need help? Don’t call us!

Welcome to 2017 boys and girls! Will life change? Only if you make it!

It became very clear to me leading up to Christmas that I have to go back to work, Now! I’m not the kinda guy who can sit all day staring at the tv. I need to work. So if I’m not going to work it’s because I can’t or it’s not safe for me to get there. 

But since the DWP, who mucked up everything by the way, do not want to pay out employment and support allowance to me going back to June/July, I’ve pushed my credit cards and savings to the max and I need to take back control.

So my personal health and safety has to take a backseat and I need to hit the ground running (or limping) this year.

I’m not looking forward to having money taken from increased wages to pay into a system that seems intent on keeping me and people like me with nothing. It was a broken system before but now the government have decimated it.

Let the fun commence!

God, the devil and Dave!

I was lying in bed unable to sleep a couple of nights back and I started remembering how I used to describe to people what getting a diagnosis of MS was like. 

I left the catholic church over 15 years ago and I respect anyone’s choice to practice whatever religion they want. Therefore I do not tell this tale to be blasphemous in any way. If  you would rather not read it for fear of somehow being offended, close the window. If you choose to continue then, well it’s not really my fault then is it?!

I had a pretty good childhood. I played all sorts of sports, football, tennis, badminton, basketball and went running a lot. Damn I was fast! If I’d known then what I know now I’d have been Scotlands answer to Forest Gump! Would just keep running. Had lots of friends, a few girlfriends and went to every party there was!

Me and God would sit down to a friendly game of chess now and then. One time we had to stop mid game and we’d continue the next day. When I went back to it, my pieces that were once in positions of potential victory were now staring down the slope of defeat! This wasn’t where I’d left them, He had cheated! Now if there’s someone you could trust not to move the pieces around you’d think it’d be Him. Wrong!!

Well we kinda exchanged words. I wanted to pick the chess table up and hurl it across the room so much. I didn’t, but I was close. Eventually I did say things which didn’t go down too well and I was thrown out and told never to come back unless I apologised and took it all back! Good luck getting that(!)

I was so confused how this was possible that I didn’t know what to trust anymore. The friendships faded. The girlfriends left. Invites to parties stopped arriving. I was now destined to only watch sports from my living room and my exercise involved only reaching for the remote.

But I never threw the table across the room. It’d be so simple and easy to do but I refused to! 

As time went on I started to play chess again. Not with Him but still a games a game! Friendships grew, I found a woman to love and who loves me and, while not exactly party central, I’m invited at least! The sport, not much I can do about that one but suppose it can’t all be rainbows and lollipops!

I know what you’re asking: Where does the devil come into it? Well…he doesn’t. I used to love a show called God the devil and bob but it got cancelled so I nicked it! Add it to my sin list.

When I die (which won’t be till 2100 as I wanna live in 3 different centuries) I’m sure I will stand before Him and be judged. But I am made in His image so believe me when I say I will be doing some judging of my own! I will ask the unanswered questions and demand an answer, I hope I won’t hold the line up too much!

2016 has been bad for so many reasons! Let’s hope that 2017 will bring more joy and smiles to the faces of those who end this year with a frown!