Do not be fooled!

My blood has been boiling since the start of the week and it’s not cos there’s been some sun!

As much damage as the Conservatives have done to the poor, the elderly and the disabled with a coalition government and a small majority holding them back, imagine what they will do with the predicted 50-100 majority??!

And without a hint of embarrassment or shame, they announced their bribe to us. They will allow people to keep their specially adapted mobility for up to 6 months after they are turned down for PIP! Well that’ll make everything alright won’t it??!!

This is a party that have cut ESA, introduced the bedroom tax that caused a lot of problems for people with carers and separate rooms for medical equipment and brought in PIP to tell us all we’re not disabled enough! And that’s without mentioning the idea of limiting child tax credits to 2 kids unless you can prove you were raped by completing an 8 page document. No doubt you’ll be assessed which we’re assured the DWP will do “sensitively”. Cos the DWP have done a great job of that with ATOS/Capita asking disabled people why they’ve not killed themselves yet haven’t they?!!

My dad thinks I’m worrying too much but after all I went through trying to keep my car, losing it and then fighting to get it back I really don’t want to have to do it again. As they only set limits they could get away with and not what they really wanted, I reckon they’ll squeeze it even more if they get their majority and I as well as others will have to fight again.

So we will soldier on through the next 7 weeks hoping for the best, hoping people remember just how far the UK has sunk and says no more!!


We wait and we wonder!

There’s a story in the papers today about a former DWP worker who now relies on PIP and because she know the ins and outs of the department, think there is an 85% chance she’ll lose her car and become housebound!

How are these stories still being told? How can nobody have intervened and flat out stopped putting some of the most vulnerable people in Britain through hell??? It really makes you wonder what the hell needs to happen to shake the system up. People being housebound? It doesn’t matter(!) People not able to go for GP/Hospital appointments? Reduces the strain on the NHS(!) People needing to quit their jobs? Job openings for the unemployed(!)

I was just telling someone last week that it’s not just being refused that turns our world upside down! Before I had to apply for PIP, I panicked! When I filled in the form, I panicked and the MS flared up. I had the assessment and it all got even worse! I was refused twice and my world, and my body, crumbled along with an MS relapse! If I had the energy/talent I could write one hell of an album!

Actually I was reminded of some song lyrics that really spoke to how i felt heading towards the appeal,

 🎶Slowly my sadness, turns to rage and we wonder. How can these scars ever heal when all is said and done!🎶

And it’s the rage that got me to where I can actually go outside thanks to the victory and return of my car!🙂

But the scars? The scars I feel everyday. My legs are shot to pieces. There was never much strength in them but now there is none so I’m in the queue for physio. I got my PIP forms in December so it’s a full year and the issues remain both for me and for the many going through this.

🎶So tell me when will it be over now, how soon? How far must we go to prove to you.

So we will wait and we wonder.🎶

The pile keeps growing

It’s bizarre but now that my car is back I am filled with joy and sadness in equal measure. I know that I need it. I know that I meet the criteria. I know in order to function through life and work this is necessary. But why me and not others??

A disabled mum of two down south with MS has had her PIP cut. They ignored her hospital evidence and decided she didn’t qualify because she could squeeze the assessors thumb! Yeah you read that right!

Sure we can appeal these outcomes but I cannot stress enough how draining that process is. I’ll never be able to prove it but I’m adamant the new scarring on my brain which flagged up in last months MRI is completely down to the DWP. That’s another patch of my brain that is either damaged or gone forever. When I think of it like that I start singing ‘Brain Damage’ from Dark side of the Moon.

So when I read this woman’s story it saddened me that she may be impacted in the same way. Her mobility issues sound worse than mine or at least that’s how it reads. 

When did this country stop caring? When did we go “We have 100% proof that you’re disabled but we’re gonna need more than that!”. Every day without the ability to leave your home is just another day sliding further down the plug hole.

I really hope this woman gets the help she needs and that a correct decision is made ASAP. As for the assessor, i wonder if she bases all her decisions on the ability to squeeze a thumb. If she’s a midwife she must tell every baby born to get a job and start paying rent!

You can see her story here:

Disabled mum has benefits cut… because she can squeeze a thumb

Tick tock tick tock

No it’s not my biological clock ticking. Well that probably is ticking but it’s drowned out by the clock on the wall! I’m sitting waiting on a cheque to clear in my account to move a step forward to getting moving again. I’ve checked my account sooooo many times despite knowing there’s no chance it would be done so quickly. Positive thinking or just impatience?

Who the hell uses cheques anyway??! If they’d just done a BACS transfer I’d probably be in my car by now! It’s like being in a queue at the checkout and someone, perhaps from the older generation” is writing out a cheque for a newspaper and bottle of water! Gotta double check the amount, write it all out, sign it and then try to find their cheque guarantee card in their purse/wallet!

I feel like Captain Hook when he hears a clock ticking! Get a sledgehammer and beat the crap out of it!

I am very hopeful that the cheque clears tomorrow morning and we can get moving on getting moving. I just hope the guys ordered it up so it’ll be waiting when I call. This may also be wishful thinking. Ignorance really is bliss

Moving Forwards

Picked out my new car. I reckoned the quicker I did this the quicker I would get back to work. 
There was a stumbling block though. Kinda fits in with all the other roadblocks. Never heard this one before though. Apparently if you are no longer a motability user, you may have to wait 6 months! What the hell??? Even though the only reason I no longer am is cos of the DWPs cockup??!
Waiting to hear back tomorrow once the salesman has called them as my details were flagged on the system. Maybe they’re pissed off at me cos I kept going to the press and slagging them off. 😂😂
If it all goes through though I could be back on the roads within weeks rather than months. Hello Mcdonalds, you have been missed!
The horror stories keep coming in though like the tides of the seas. Only thing is they are the sharks! There’s always the hope that bigger Jaws shows up though!
So I will keep watching, keeping an eye on the stories that are told. And I’ll keep waiting in the knowledge I am going to get out of these 4 walls. Considered knocking them down to put them back up. It would give me something to do. Glad I didn’t though! Very unlikely I would’ve put them back up. Ok there’s no chance at all that I would/could put them back up. Still it’s the thought that counts!

They fought the Dave and the Dave won!

Every day since my appeal date I’ve been sitting waiting on the postman. Feels like I’ve gone back to school and I’m waiting on the exam results coming. But no more!!

I’ve received notice that the DWP are gonna pay up and give me back mobility at the enhanced rate!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

There’s just no words, which for me is unheard of.  They say they’ll pay what they owe me from since they made the WRONG decision. I seriously feel like this day will be stamped in my memory. I’ll be telling stories in my 80s of how I took on the DWP and won!

There are still way too many stories coming out about the massive problems with PIP. I wasn’t the first to appeal and I will not be the last. I hope my journey will give people hope and convince them to fight when they pass the wrong decision down. 

I’m off to bounce off the clouds and slide down a rainbow! #downwithpip

Is anybody listening? Not the decision makers!!

I was asked a few weeks back to contribute to a story from the MS society which was posted yesterday. Here it is for people who may not have seen it.

David Trotter, a 32-year-old IT worker from Midlothian, was forced to hand back his Motability car earlier this year after being moved onto PIP.

He was diagnosed with MS 11 years ago and started receiving DLA two years later.

The payments helped him with the day-to-day extra costs of living with a disability, as well as allowed him to get a Motability car.

But after an assessment for PIP in March, it was decided he no longer qualifies for the higher rate of mobility, despite having a chronic, disabling condition which badly affects his ability to walk.

Since having his car taken away, David has been unable to travel to hospital appointments, his job (which is 15 miles away), the shops, and generally to get out and about.

He says the combination of buses and trains is more than he can physically cope with: “My nearest bus stop is 150 metres away, but they’ve said I can walk no further than 50 metres. I don’t quite understand what they want me to do.

“This new benefit has ironically taken “personal independence” away from people like myself and will have an effect on many people with MS for years to come.

“I have already started to feel that confidence I have built up over the years slip away from me, and trying to deal with the mental aspect of this is proving to be extremely difficult.”

David is challenging the decision and his appeal will be heard in  Edinburgh next month.