Welcome back says the voice on the radio

But I never left, I was always right here.

I’ve been kind of quiet recently just trying to get my head down and get on with, well, life! Despite knowing nearly 2 years ago the chaos PIP would cause, then living through my own battle with them and eventually winning, still nothing has changed with how they handle this horrendous system. Stories are still coming out every day about how disabled people are becoming housebound, having to give up work and struggling to get through day to day life.

And now there is a new evil on the block, Universal Credit. Everyone is aware of how badly this is administered but yet they continue to roll it out. And again, they have no idea what MS is! Asking me if it was terminal was not a nice thought to have in my head for the rest of the day but that’s what happens when a benefits system that you may need due to a medical condition is administered by someone with no medical background. So I’ve applied for it as my health has detioriated so badly since going through the PIP process that I’ve had to go part time at work.

Already we’ve been down to the job centre twice with info and we have to go back next week with more. All this work and no money till at least mid November. Dunno how they think people like me survive!

Don’t wanna come on here just to moan, although it is the best place to do it! Let’s see how this will play out!


Do not be fooled!

My blood has been boiling since the start of the week and it’s not cos there’s been some sun!

As much damage as the Conservatives have done to the poor, the elderly and the disabled with a coalition government and a small majority holding them back, imagine what they will do with the predicted 50-100 majority??!

And without a hint of embarrassment or shame, they announced their bribe to us. They will allow people to keep their specially adapted mobility for up to 6 months after they are turned down for PIP! Well that’ll make everything alright won’t it??!!

This is a party that have cut ESA, introduced the bedroom tax that caused a lot of problems for people with carers and separate rooms for medical equipment and brought in PIP to tell us all we’re not disabled enough! And that’s without mentioning the idea of limiting child tax credits to 2 kids unless you can prove you were raped by completing an 8 page document. No doubt you’ll be assessed which we’re assured the DWP will do “sensitively”. Cos the DWP have done a great job of that with ATOS/Capita asking disabled people why they’ve not killed themselves yet haven’t they?!!

My dad thinks I’m worrying too much but after all I went through trying to keep my car, losing it and then fighting to get it back I really don’t want to have to do it again. As they only set limits they could get away with and not what they really wanted, I reckon they’ll squeeze it even more if they get their majority and I as well as others will have to fight again.

So we will soldier on through the next 7 weeks hoping for the best, hoping people remember just how far the UK has sunk and says no more!!

Coping with hypocrisy!

I don’t tend to get political on this but what the hell is going on??!!

Just to state I voted for Scotland to remain in the UK and voted for the UK to remain in the EU. I am now though heading towards voting to leave the UK. Not necessarily to try and get back into the EU, I’d rather be in the EEA, but because of the disdain shown to Scotland by Westminster!

Scotland is told it should stay under Westminster rule so that we don’t leave our biggest trading partner because of how economically damaging it would be, whilst at the same time told by the UK that leaving the EU and the worlds biggest single market will be fine. What??!

Scotlands told we need to have answers before holding a referendum, but no answers or plans were/are needed before and after a referendum to leave the EU. What???!

Britain voted to regain sovereignty over its parliament whilst now telling us that a democratically elected Scottish parliament will not be listened to about calls on dates for a referendum. Seriously WTF???!

I never have, nor ever intend, to vote SNP. The simple fact is I don’t think they should build an independent Scotland in their image. In the event of a Yes vote, parties should set out their manifestos on how they would design Scotland and a new election should be held. Pretty much the opposite of what Westminster has done!

I cannot stomach double standards. All the arguments to leave the EU are now the reasons given to remain in the UK. What??!

We were told all devolved parliaments would be spoken to in order to plan the best Brexit possible for everyone but so far we have not been listened to. The “vow” for what Scotland would get if we remained in the uk 3 years ago have still not been fulfilled. The promise that only a no vote in 2014 would keep us in the EU proved meaningless. So can anything Westminster say be taken as truthful where Scotland is concerned?

I stand by my vote to remain in the uk. It was the right decision at the time. But times have changed. When you see what the conservatives have done to the disabled in this country and realise that they are there for decades thanks to an incompetent Labour Party, it is clear how they view the people who put them into power!

The hypocrisy needs to be taken out of the argument and pointed out each and every time, which is about every 5 minutes. If the SNP truly want an independence vote to go their way, then promise to call an election after the vote so that we, the people of Scotland, can choose the parameters of our independent country!

The proof is in the pudding!

Exciting week with my latest chat to the press about how important the motability  scheme is to people like me. Nice wee section on reporting Scotland and BBC Radio Scotland so good they are still interested and hopefully Holyrood was paying attention with the welfare powers moving north soon.

Had a good strong start to the year getting a good amount of time in the office, but this week things outwith my control pop up. I get a bloody cold

Can’t fully express what this does to my body! My legs go where they please, they give way under the weight of my body (thank god I’m not bigger!) and my arms don’t want to lift a pen never mind anything heavier. Whole body just feels so tired like I’ve spent a week hiking through the jungle or something. 

So work has kinda been cut this week it takes so long to wake my body up enough to deal with the day. And this is where having my car back is just a blessing! I’d have no way of getting to work on my own in the middle of the day but having the car means my day isn’t just wasted. It also mean I can cope with getting less money and not worrying about someone coming to pick the car up. I went to work yesterday for 11 and today I got in for 1. I lose hours but it means I can do my bit, pay my rent and pay my taxes. All the things Society got billed for when my independence was taken away from me!

So my weekend will be spent barely moving to try and shift this damn cold. It’s the little things that’ll knock you down. Hopefully next week runs smoother and I can make up some of the missed hours.

Who’s running the country???

Is anyone else thinking we’ve all been left in the wilderness?

I’ve seen two stories today about the chaos PIP continues to cause. This is probably a quieter PIP story day than usual. So why is it that everyone can see it’s a broken system apart from the people that we, presumably because we thought they were smart enough to make decisions, put in charge??! The lunatics are running the asylum! I know when I lost my car it felt like they’d cut my legs off. I wasn’t disabled enough for them so they made me feel more disabled?!

Something needs to change. Someone’s gotta be blamed! 

But the same stories continue to be told and those who are supposed to have our best interests in mind seem to be MIA. I’d say at least we can vote them out but if we did who would we replace them with?? I fear this will remain the status quo until someone steps up and inspires change!

But don’t get downhearted! Change is an inevitability. People power can change the world, we just have to wait for enough people to get angry!

1/12 done!

Well January is just about over and done with! Mad that 1/12 of the year is over. When did the planet speed up its orbit round the sun(?) I’m off to a good start though. Getting into work a lot more thanks to my wheels. Not sure if that’s a good thing for the company or bad😂     My legs pay the price for it though cos they’re just not up for all this moving about. I finally realised I gotta use them or lose them!

Best thing about being at work? Is it that I’m not stuck indoors all day bored? No! Is it knowledge of a job well done? No!      Is it feeling like I’m contributing to society? No!

It’s no longer having to deal with the damn incompetent office that is the          D W P! Seriously, if that department is who we turn to when we need help then we’re all screwed! Amazed I don’t need to send off DNA samples before they’ll take my call….oh damn that’s gonna be the “governments” next great idea isn’t it(!)

I hope the first 1/12th of the year has gone well for you and has set up the next 11/12ths nicely. I’d just like it all to slow down a bit though. Just gotta keep marching onwards. 

People are still listening and still hoping for change!

Been a busy start to the year so I’ve been totally shattered which is why I’ve gone quiet lately. My story and the chaos PIP caused me is still popping up which resulted in BBC Scotland contacting the MS Society to get my details and arranging to come out to speak to me today.

They are focusing on the “welfare” powers moving to Holyrood this year and wanted a bit of background on what had happened to me, the effect having the car taken away from me had for those months leading up to the appeal and the difference having the car back has made. They also wanted to know what I hoped Holyrood would do different.

Was only a 10 minute chat but think I can only remember about half of what I said 😂 I’ve had the conversation about what I think is wrong with PIP constantly going round my head since I got the dreaded brown envelope (I have good chats with myself) so I’m fairly certain I didn’t ramble too much and positive I successfully avoided the urge to swear when talking about the DWP!

They interviewed some other people so they’ll be putting it all together over the next 2-3 weeks so I’ll let you know when it’s scheduled to be shown or be on the radio. I’ll be interested to see the similarities and differences in other people’s experiences of PIP.

I can only hope my words will be helpful to those still going through it and help others realise just what the DWP are doing to the most vulnerable in this country. I had said to them that I felt I was being punished by them for having MS. As if actually having something like MS wasn’t bad enough. No one should ever have to feel like that! 

Please, please, please Holyrood, learn from Westminsters mistakes and make sure we never feel that way here again.