Do not be fooled!

My blood has been boiling since the start of the week and it’s not cos there’s been some sun!

As much damage as the Conservatives have done to the poor, the elderly and the disabled with a coalition government and a small majority holding them back, imagine what they will do with the predicted 50-100 majority??!

And without a hint of embarrassment or shame, they announced their bribe to us. They will allow people to keep their specially adapted mobility for up to 6 months after they are turned down for PIP! Well that’ll make everything alright won’t it??!!

This is a party that have cut ESA, introduced the bedroom tax that caused a lot of problems for people with carers and separate rooms for medical equipment and brought in PIP to tell us all we’re not disabled enough! And that’s without mentioning the idea of limiting child tax credits to 2 kids unless you can prove you were raped by completing an 8 page document. No doubt you’ll be assessed which we’re assured the DWP will do “sensitively”. Cos the DWP have done a great job of that with ATOS/Capita asking disabled people why they’ve not killed themselves yet haven’t they?!!

My dad thinks I’m worrying too much but after all I went through trying to keep my car, losing it and then fighting to get it back I really don’t want to have to do it again. As they only set limits they could get away with and not what they really wanted, I reckon they’ll squeeze it even more if they get their majority and I as well as others will have to fight again.

So we will soldier on through the next 7 weeks hoping for the best, hoping people remember just how far the UK has sunk and says no more!!


1/12 done!

Well January is just about over and done with! Mad that 1/12 of the year is over. When did the planet speed up its orbit round the sun(?) I’m off to a good start though. Getting into work a lot more thanks to my wheels. Not sure if that’s a good thing for the company or bad😂     My legs pay the price for it though cos they’re just not up for all this moving about. I finally realised I gotta use them or lose them!

Best thing about being at work? Is it that I’m not stuck indoors all day bored? No! Is it knowledge of a job well done? No!      Is it feeling like I’m contributing to society? No!

It’s no longer having to deal with the damn incompetent office that is the          D W P! Seriously, if that department is who we turn to when we need help then we’re all screwed! Amazed I don’t need to send off DNA samples before they’ll take my call….oh damn that’s gonna be the “governments” next great idea isn’t it(!)

I hope the first 1/12th of the year has gone well for you and has set up the next 11/12ths nicely. I’d just like it all to slow down a bit though. Just gotta keep marching onwards. 

DWP: Need help? Don’t call us!

Welcome to 2017 boys and girls! Will life change? Only if you make it!

It became very clear to me leading up to Christmas that I have to go back to work, Now! I’m not the kinda guy who can sit all day staring at the tv. I need to work. So if I’m not going to work it’s because I can’t or it’s not safe for me to get there. 

But since the DWP, who mucked up everything by the way, do not want to pay out employment and support allowance to me going back to June/July, I’ve pushed my credit cards and savings to the max and I need to take back control.

So my personal health and safety has to take a backseat and I need to hit the ground running (or limping) this year.

I’m not looking forward to having money taken from increased wages to pay into a system that seems intent on keeping me and people like me with nothing. It was a broken system before but now the government have decimated it.

Let the fun commence!

It was 9 nights before Christmas 

Ok I’m not anti christmas I’m very non-Grinch like, but this years is hard to get organised and excited about! Will be glad to put 2016 in the rear view mirror but 2017 already looks like hard work! 

Between my health and the DWP it’s not been easy! Got my car back and needed help getting my body fit to work again but has the DWP helped me during this time of no money which they caused?? Did they buggery! We’re still chasing money going back to start of July!! Talk about a broken system! Still think I should become an MP if for no other reason than to act like Ali G in Westminster. Even the weather’s not backing me up! At least if it was icey and roads covered in snow I’d have an excuse for doing so little hours of work that was not due to MS and my limitations!

Yeah I like a good moan. I’ve tried to keep things light on here but life keeps interfering with that plan. You should count yourselves lucky, the missus has to listen to it 24/7 😂

I’m sure the closer it gets the more enthused I will be. We have family coming to spend it with us for the first time so that’ll be great. Also food and booze should help! I’m positive someone must’ve opened a can at the first Christmas!

So the tree is up, the wreath is hung and the cupboards are full! Nows the time to shove the crappy year behind us and start looking at how good 2017 can be and what needs to be done to make sure it is!

One foot in front of the other

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s to never stop moving! I have spent the last 12 years worrying that the time will come when my legs can no longer cope. You’d think while I was stuck at home without the car I would’ve made a point of moving about rather than sitting around, but a combination of anxiety, stress anddepression kinda  made it hard to move

My legs are paying the price now. To stand a chance of delaying a wheelchair for as long as possible I can’t let those things take over. A chair is not a foregone conclusion I just know it’s more likely with MS than without it. Am I gonna start jogging, going for long walks or playing footy? Erm, no! As much as I miss doing those things they are sadly not in my future. Which is a shame cos damn I was fast! Maybe that’s why the days feel shorter. I’m just moving slower through them!

But I’m still fighting different battles with the DWP and council so I can’t say life is boring! Give me something to complain about and I’m in my element. Nothing better than telling someone the many ways in which they are idiots! 

For example, the PM told her party that disabled people with degenerative or unchanging conditions or illnesses (Like MS) would no longer have to endure humiliating and stressful repeat medical assessments to claim employment support allowance (ESA). Chances are if you’re on ESA due to a disability, then you are also on PIP. And guess what? Yup we still need to endure humiliating and stressful repeat medical assessments for that!! And she thinks they’ve solved the problem?! 🤔

I swear I could solve the worlds problems if I wasn’t so knackered💤💤

The day after

Guys and gals I am absolutely blown away by how many people took the time to go to my blog post and send me congrats posts on Facebook. I massively appreciate those who’ve taken the time to follow my progress through the minefield that is PIP. I’m not finished with them yet though.

I’m going to get all my ducks in a row and get back to driving myself into work as soon as possible. You have no idea how much of a relief it will be to get off ESA and housing benefit. Felt crap having to apply for it at all.

So I will be quiet for a little while till all that happens. Ok maybe just quieter! It’s hard to shut me up!😂

Thank you again one and all! You’re all brilliant in my book 🙂

My 1st carless adventure!

Well I had to drag my legs off the couch and out the door to the busstop yesterday to deal with some things in the town. Now my idea was to get as much done in one trip to save me travelling often as its a hard shift just to get to the bus so no idea when I will have the strength and energy to do it again! This was a great idea, in theory, but apparently everyone else didn’t read the memo!

First task was to go to the library to apply for bus pass, something I expect I’ll use about twice a year lol. All info in and should be here next week. This was the only success of my day!

Next was to the council to get my blue badge sorted. I was told after applying on the .gov website I needed to go in there and get evidence scanned in etc. They had absolutely no idea why I was there and what they were expected to do! Gave me a number to call and sent me on my way. It’s my own fault really, expecting the centre that send out the badges to know how to deal with actually getting the badges!

Third and final trip was to the job centre plus to get answers about the ESA form explained so I could get that sorted. Again the .gov website and application form told me to go there and….. Yup they had no idea about ESA at all and gave me another phone number to call! Again, stupid, stupid me. Who am I to have the audacity to think that the building that deals with benefits would have staff there who would be able to give out info, about benefits?! So, with 1 out of 3, I headed back home.

So annoyed at my lack of success as before I’d even gone on my trek, and it was trek, my left leg decided the ground was 50cm further away than it really was. It’s always been interesting that one, trying to punch your foot through concrete! Couple of rests on way to get to the busstop didn’t do much good for me, was already panting before I sat down on the bus! I just constantly reminded myself that the DWP assessed me able to walk no more than 50m, and expect me to walk 150m to the bus stop. Think I’ll be bringing that little nugget of comedy gold up at my appeal! I also want that in writing so I can frame it!

Got back home and the trip had taken its toll. Arms twitching, legs getting confused about which was my left and which was my right, lovely light headedness with little patches of blurred vision and all just covered under an umbrella of fatigue. Gives me more exercise in the flat though as i cover twice as much distance trying to get to the kitchen than i normally do, so you know it’s not all bad(!) So picked my space on the couch, slumped into the cushion, put the telly on and tried to not move for as long as possible. Living the life of Riley(!)