Coping with hypocrisy!

I don’t tend to get political on this but what the hell is going on??!!

Just to state I voted for Scotland to remain in the UK and voted for the UK to remain in the EU. I am now though heading towards voting to leave the UK. Not necessarily to try and get back into the EU, I’d rather be in the EEA, but because of the disdain shown to Scotland by Westminster!

Scotland is told it should stay under Westminster rule so that we don’t leave our biggest trading partner because of how economically damaging it would be, whilst at the same time told by the UK that leaving the EU and the worlds biggest single market will be fine. What??!

Scotlands told we need to have answers before holding a referendum, but no answers or plans were/are needed before and after a referendum to leave the EU. What???!

Britain voted to regain sovereignty over its parliament whilst now telling us that a democratically elected Scottish parliament will not be listened to about calls on dates for a referendum. Seriously WTF???!

I never have, nor ever intend, to vote SNP. The simple fact is I don’t think they should build an independent Scotland in their image. In the event of a Yes vote, parties should set out their manifestos on how they would design Scotland and a new election should be held. Pretty much the opposite of what Westminster has done!

I cannot stomach double standards. All the arguments to leave the EU are now the reasons given to remain in the UK. What??!

We were told all devolved parliaments would be spoken to in order to plan the best Brexit possible for everyone but so far we have not been listened to. The “vow” for what Scotland would get if we remained in the uk 3 years ago have still not been fulfilled. The promise that only a no vote in 2014 would keep us in the EU proved meaningless. So can anything Westminster say be taken as truthful where Scotland is concerned?

I stand by my vote to remain in the uk. It was the right decision at the time. But times have changed. When you see what the conservatives have done to the disabled in this country and realise that they are there for decades thanks to an incompetent Labour Party, it is clear how they view the people who put them into power!

The hypocrisy needs to be taken out of the argument and pointed out each and every time, which is about every 5 minutes. If the SNP truly want an independence vote to go their way, then promise to call an election after the vote so that we, the people of Scotland, can choose the parameters of our independent country!


A good day for war!

Its a bit like an anniversary today as it’s been a year since I got the dreaded brown envelope to apply for PIP and it has been a looooooong year! I think things would have gone better if it had been a sky blue envelope. Brown ones never contain anything good.

It would be so easy to fill this post with 12 months of chaos but also so boring and that doesn’t sound like fun for me or for you.

Rather than looking back it’s better to look at what’s coming and the big thing this week will be the autumn statement. Essentially this is when the Tories will turn around and says their cuts haven’t worked so they’ll either need to cut even more for the disabled and vulnerable, or they’ll keep things as they are. I’m not too confident that the 2nd option will happen! 

Or maybe there’s a 3rd option that means they’ll increase the amount of help they give to……..I nearly got through that without laughing but think I’m more likely to win the lotto without putting a ticket on 😂 

If I didn’t laugh at what they tried to do to me I’d be thoroughly depressed! “You can walk no more than 50m, skipping along that in just 10 steps, which means you can get to the bus stop 150m away!”😂😂😂 

And these people are in charge?! The planet is doomed!!

For those out there just starting the application I really hope it goes smoother for you and sensible decisions are made. If it needs to go to appeal, DO IT! In the vast majority of cases they don’t have a leg to stand on. Take back your independence and your right to be, and grab on tight with both hands! We all have to fight for what we need in life and these crooks are nothing but elected thieves and killers! 

Fight the power!

The pile keeps growing

It’s bizarre but now that my car is back I am filled with joy and sadness in equal measure. I know that I need it. I know that I meet the criteria. I know in order to function through life and work this is necessary. But why me and not others??

A disabled mum of two down south with MS has had her PIP cut. They ignored her hospital evidence and decided she didn’t qualify because she could squeeze the assessors thumb! Yeah you read that right!

Sure we can appeal these outcomes but I cannot stress enough how draining that process is. I’ll never be able to prove it but I’m adamant the new scarring on my brain which flagged up in last months MRI is completely down to the DWP. That’s another patch of my brain that is either damaged or gone forever. When I think of it like that I start singing ‘Brain Damage’ from Dark side of the Moon.

So when I read this woman’s story it saddened me that she may be impacted in the same way. Her mobility issues sound worse than mine or at least that’s how it reads. 

When did this country stop caring? When did we go “We have 100% proof that you’re disabled but we’re gonna need more than that!”. Every day without the ability to leave your home is just another day sliding further down the plug hole.

I really hope this woman gets the help she needs and that a correct decision is made ASAP. As for the assessor, i wonder if she bases all her decisions on the ability to squeeze a thumb. If she’s a midwife she must tell every baby born to get a job and start paying rent!

You can see her story here:

Disabled mum has benefits cut… because she can squeeze a thumb

Winds of change!

Last night I got to do something I thought I may never do again! I put fuel in my car and drove my girlfriend to the shops!!

The sense of relief of taking back my independence is simply indescribable! As my own personal story is complete though, the stories of discrimination and of “punishment” handed to the disabled continues.

I am under no disillusion that I am very lucky! This government has to be held to account and thrown from power. We all, disabled or not, need to voice our disgust at what they are doing and “Brexit” is only going to hurt the economy which in turn will push the poor and infirm into abject poverty, for those that are not there already.

I don’t mean to be all doom and gloom but it’s very hard to see this in any other way. This is a cull! Not just of independence through disability benefits, but it feels to me, a cull of the actual disabled!

I don’t know how, but now I’m mobile again I need to figure out how to help fight against this. Answers on a postcard please 🙂