Save the disabled from May

After having to go through the PIP process, losing my motability car making me unemployed and having to claim ESA, housing and council tax benefit, having to fight to get the car back through the appeals process and new scars appearing in my brain whilst going through it all, 2016 was the worst year for me that I can think of since being diagnosed with MS in 2004! And it’s all because of the tories! They are systematically attacking the disabled in the UK and are taking away our personal independence causing us to be unable to get through life. You just need to look at the number of suicides related to people getting their benefits cut, leaving them out on their own but unable to better the situation due to poor health.My greatest fear is that all the cuts the Tories have made in the last 7 years were watered down versions of what they wanted due to the coalition and having a small majority and so they wouldn’t get their true cuts passed. But what if they get a much bigger majority after tomorrow?? Who will stop them then?

Scotland is uniquely placed to avoid being trapped in their chains of brutality. We cannot keep allowing them to take away our dignity and personal independence. The Scottish parliament, whilst taking longer to sort it than I’m happy about, will control the welfare powers in Scotland from 2020 and can make a fairer system for us. 
With the demise of Scottish labour we’ve seen a rise in the Tory vote here. But if your only reason for voting Tory is to avoid another independence referendum you can simply vote no when that vote takes place. It’s not worth ruining so many lives just to tell the SNP you’re not happy with them and their crusade for an independent Scotland. If anything you should do that at Holyrood in 2020 when it matters, not when sending MPs to Westminster who have no control over Holyrood. 

Ruth Davidson, Kezia Dugdale and Willie Rennie all say they can stop the SNP holding another referendum but last time I checked it was Holyrood who voted that a new indyref should be held. So they are not talking about stopping the SNP, they are talking about stonewalling Parliament! Are they trying to make Holyrood obsolete and get it shut down? What other issues do they think their MPs in Westminster can stop Holyrood from passing? I find that a very frightening thought!

If things continue down this line then I need the option of an out to make sure I get the best care and help I need. To make sure I can continue to work so I can contribute to society. That is why I must vote SNP for the first time in my life tomorrow. I need the option of independence if we get a bad deal or no deal as Theresa May has said (a lot) as we will need more control over how our country manages the fallout from Brexit. Greater control over our finances. Making sure our welfare state looks after those that need help most. 

Scotland has one of the highest rates of MS sufferers in the world if not the highest rate, so we need a system in place to ensure we can live our lives to the fullest, something the Tories tried to take away from me. We need to get May out and protect ourselves.


The Pros and Cons

I kinda avoided posting over the weekend because I don’t think anyone wants to read me going off on a rant at the political fallout since Fridays (insane) result! But as the pound dropped and things were left up in the air due to the uncertainty over Britains future, I started to wonder how this may affect the welfare state. Since nothing is going to happen till September unless they change their mind, I feel the stock market and the pound are going to struggle to bounce back until article 50 is invoked. (Damn i started to rant, moving on). Anyway I’ll be keeping an eye on that to see if there are further cuts to the much needed assistance people with disabilities should get.

I’ve been approached by a disability lifestyle magazine to discuss how PIP is affecting me. I’ll be doing an over the phone interview tomorrow and it should be out next month (I’ll let you know when I find out a date). I’m just happy that people actually want to hear from me, most of the time I just ramble on till people stop listening.

I got something in the post yesterday which i hid in a drawer and won’t look at again for the next 5 months. Noble as motabilitys intentions may be, their cheque for £2000 to use towards a new car just smacks of defeat, like if I banked it I’m saying, “Oh well I give up you win cheers”. I do think it is important to say though, the guys at motability really were trying to help. Its not their decision to take peoples cars back. So the fact they let me hold onto mine for a couple extra weeks was gratefully appreciated.

Need to call my neurologist this week to see if they have received a letter from the Welfare Rights Team asking for evidence for my appeal. Want to try and get as much of it as fast as I can (Is it just me or does that not read right?!)

The next few days are gonna be slow going I think. Hate sitting twiddling my thumbs but really feels like I can’t do much else. Now this is the last I will say on it, today anyway, I promise. I’m aware that despite fighting this it could all be for nowt! Either Scotland goes independent and sets up its own version of DLA or PIP, preferably DLA, or the welfare powers move to Holyrood over the next 18-24 months!! So no matter what is decided during my appeals process I will need to go through this all over again within the next 2 years. If you think I’m annoyed now just wait until then!!

I’d feel sorry for you reading me have a wee whinge but you should think of my girlfriend, she has to actually listen to this 24/7 🙂


1st weekend

Nothing much to report today with no further sessions till Monday but still taking time to monitor any progress and posting here seems as good a way as any.

Wishing I could notice some kind of increase in energy but still feel really tired and just zapped of any energy! Now this does make it easier to avoid doing work but since I’m having to work at weekends and in the evening to make up hours missed for therapy sessions it doesn’t really pan out that way! The world keeps on turning unfortunately!

Good news for me though is it makes it easier to moan and I do like a good whinging session!! I see our sorry excuse of a first minister has called comments from Australia’s prime minister regarding independence as offensive! Seems people are only allowed an opinion if it agrees with his! Fair enough it’s up to the people of Scotland to make the decision but there’s no reason why those without a vote cannot voice their reservations! We still have to exist and find our place in the world regardless of a yes or no vote!

I’m sure there’s other things that have annoyed me today but that’s the one that’s stuck! Anyway until next time, Victor Mildrew signing off!