Time is fleeting

I don’t think it’s possible to do less than I have this weekend and somehow I’ve done too much! And too much consists of washing 6 dishes and taking the rubbish out!

Between doing as much work as I can and getting choked full of the cold suppose I can’t expect the ms to stay out of it and not add to the problem.

So I’ve spent my time playing batman, mad max, watching the matrix and watching tons of 9/11 conspiracy videos! And people say I waste my days(!) If it’s not that conspiracy it’d be the Mandela effect instead! Or maybe it already was??!! 😱

I do need to use my time more productively. Need to sit down with a notepad and a guitar but the thought alone of that just knackers me! Maybe next weekend!


More work than if I could get to work!

I’ll start by putting it bluntly, I hate benefits!

The work you need to put in to apply, send proof, fill in questionnaires, call to check everything’s been received cos you haven’t been told it has, send more info, correct what they’ve mucked up and do all this with no money is insane as you do your best to budget the little money you have! And people prefer this over working for your money??!

I can honestly say I would never choose this! It’s out of my hands for now though, I have no choice! It’s just another way of making me feel lost. It just gets you down and even trying to manage your mood gets tiring. Spending my life walking round in circles at the moment, September just can’t come quick enough.

So to those who screw the system, you cannot seriously tell me this is easier than working for a living. Hopefully next months appeal will sort me out again. Allow me to take control of my money, my life and my freedom!

In case this post has gotten you down, just remember, when it comes to MS, it’s all in your head! 😀 (Hope you get this otherwise some people are gonna be mad!)